Editing blues

I’m still having trouble with getting down editing Promise Kept’s sequel.  Eventually, the two books will actually be blended together, if they ever sell.  Or maybe even if they don’t.  Right now, I’m staring at this short story that has caught my attention.  The currently working title is The first day of his life, I think.  Still not happy with the title, but the subject matter is really getting out there.  I currently have it up at scribophile.com for critiquing.  The very nice authors who hang out there are fierce critiquers, just what most of us need, since they are also polite and often have advice.

Anyway, back to slogging through that sequel that doesn’t have a good working title yet.


About Brandy Hunt E-books

I am a stay at home mom who likes things that go bump in the dark, especially if it is the full dark found without electric lights at the end of the world. I have a wonderful husband, a daughter, and a dog and am thankful I live in the middle of nowhere on a farm. I also have an unhealthy obsession with Stephen King, but we don’t talk about that much.
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