A couple of new reviews

So yeah, I’ve gotten a couple of really nice reviews that I’ve been geeking out about in the last couple of days.  But also biting my nails about.  I’ve known for awhile that there were problems with Promise Kept, but I was hoping to be able to wait to fix them.

Waiting to fix them is not going to be the best way to go on this, I feel.  I have some feelers out on a couple of copy editing services, especially one that might fix the font problem with the Kindle version I just found out about.

My wishlist at one service was priced over $2000, and that included a nice, new, fancy cover and not having to upload the file on my own.  Right now, I’m trying to find how much it would cost to be practical.  Hopefully, practical is much more within my price range.


About Brandy Hunt E-books

I am a stay at home mom who likes things that go bump in the dark, especially if it is the full dark found without electric lights at the end of the world. I have a wonderful husband, a daughter, and a dog and am thankful I live in the middle of nowhere on a farm. I also have an unhealthy obsession with Stephen King, but we don’t talk about that much.
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