A review for Dollars & Sense: The Definitive Guide to Self-publishing Success

I may have published Promise Kept at the end of January 2011, but I wish I had a copy of this book the September before.  Really, this book is full of not just good advice, but proven advice from women who have blazed the trail and want to share their experience.

The authors, Amber Scott, Carolyn McCray, Rachel Thompson, are all outstanding writers who bring their individual expertise to the book.  Each writer had a section, and each section rocked my world!  I’m already in the middle of a huge edit of Promise Kept and getting professional cover art, but I had no idea what branding is, or how to use Twitter in other way than to kind of talk to people.  And ad campaigns?  I did not even know where to begin.  Now, well, maybe eventually.

So, I’m going to go and get a “real” copy (the ARC is nice, but kind of hard on the eyes) and sit down with a notebook and pencil.  Because one look through is not enough to learn everything, and this time I’m going to take notes.

You can also get a copy for $0.99 at amazon.com.  Each author is also putting forward a bestselling novel at $0.99 as part of the Bestseller for a day promotion being held for this book at Indie Book Collective.  You can also go to www.bestsellerforaday.com and submit your confirmation number in the sidebar and be registered to win a kindle.


About Brandy Hunt E-books

I am a stay at home mom who likes things that go bump in the dark, especially if it is the full dark found without electric lights at the end of the world. I have a wonderful husband, a daughter, and a dog and am thankful I live in the middle of nowhere on a farm. I also have an unhealthy obsession with Stephen King, but we don’t talk about that much.
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5 Responses to A review for Dollars & Sense: The Definitive Guide to Self-publishing Success

  1. Elena Gray says:

    I agree about Dollars & Sense! Carolyn, Amber & Rachel have been an asset in my writing career! These ladies definitely know what they are talking about!

  2. Amber Scott says:

    Thank you so much for reviewing Dollars & Sense. I’m so glad authors are already getting useful, actionable information from it. Today is just humbling and so much fun!

  3. Kelli says:

    I feel very fortunate to have this book before publishing. It’s going to save me a lot of time. We all know how precious time is, especially for a writer. Thanks for posting!

  4. Xavier Leret says:

    Dollars and Sense is excellent. It doesn’t spin a web of mystery around the processes of self publishing – it lays its advice out so clearly so that it can be easily followed and applied. I couldn’t recommend it more.

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