Alternate Time Line to Promise Kept

2008  Obama is elected.

2012  Sarah Palin is elected. She continues to serve for four terms, as the United States becomes more insular and militant.

2015  Afghanistan is declared a U.S. territory. The fighting in Iraq intensifies.

2018  War begins with Iran.

2028  The military overthrows the Palin presidency when General Michael Thackery holds the Electoral College hostage until they elected him. The United States becomes a police state. The wars with Iraq and Iran heat up.

2055  A limited nuclear exchange between Iran and the United States leaves part of the western half of America a barren wasteland. The military dictatorship is overthrown in a series of riots lasting several months A conservative group called the Palin’s Pride manage to restore order, and The American States are born.

2057  The Congress of the American States decides that too many non Americans are consuming the limited resources that are left. They begin to deport people who can not prove European or First People ancestry out of the country.

2060  Canada closes it’s borders.  Soon afterward, the military invades and takes over. While the UK tries to regain Canada, they have problems of their own. The climate has begun to fluctuate. This particular year is the coldest and longest winter ever recorded.

2064  This time a record summer sees snow thaws in areas that have never seen them before. Heat stroke kills thousands in what is left of the Southern American States. When people from Mexico try to come north to escape the heat, they are shot on sight.

2071  After several cycles of harsh winters and blazing summers, a group of people calling themselves the Religious Majority takes control of The American States. What was once the original thirteen colonies becomes a theocracy.

2082-2085  During this time, the Religious American States begin to run out of money. In a drive to pay off the national debt, the Religious Majority has demanded more and more taxes until finally, the country is debt free, but the economy is depressed and money is scarce. People can no longer pay their taxes, and services begin to interrupt. This is the beginning of the Passing, as civilization begins to break down and “pass away.”

2086  By this time what was left of the American States is now a series of territories generally protected by a Mayor or Governor. Laws are administered by the Mayor or the Governor, and order is upheld by the men he hires for this. 

2089  Susanne Newton is born.

2107-2108  A year long winter, called the Winter Year, comes.

2139  The Heavenly Wind is defeated, and the New Dawn begins the process of becoming the government on the East Coast.

2187  Lila Howell meets Susanne Newton


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