The Process

Promise Kept was my first completed Nanowrimo.  I completed the first draft in November of 2008.  The process for writing it began in 2005 during my first try at Nanowrimo.  Up until then I had never tried to write anything longer than a short story except for a romance novel or two I tried during high school.
I got about 5000 words on it in 2005 and got stuck.  I just couldn’t seem to write another word on it after that first chapter.  I did something different for Nanowrimo 2006 and 2007, but in 2008, as November came around I got to thinking about that story.  I no longer had the original file, since I had not just gotten a  new computer since then, but also moved house.  So in November 2008, I started with an idea and a setting — South Georgia, my new home.
We had been here about a year at that point, and the first year, I wasn’t happy.  Nanowrimo 2007 was a bloody, raunchy, romp through my attempt to rewrite It.  Something I didn’t realize until about eight monthes of slogging away trying to make that mess work.  Eventually, I tore the work apart along the subplot lines and put all three stories in my truck folder after one of the story parts wouldn’t even work as a short story.
November 2008 found me a much happier person who was glad that we moved from the big city back to the family farm.  The small farm life is very insulating.  Since I dislike crowds, and I would prefer never to step into a Wal-mart, I came to like it here.  Promise Kept really does reflect this new attitude.

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