From Someone who Would be Sick if She Went to a Doctor to Mr. Republican, Sir

From Someone who Would be Sick if She Went to a Doctor to Mr. Republican, Sir

Over the years I have gathered complaints and problems like a list of grudges against a corporation.
Depression, eating disorders, infections, could be my thyroid, could be PCOS, joint problems, back aches, could be allergies, could be sinuses and that is just the last few years.
Without health insurance, I will probably never be treated for any of these.
Mr. Republican, sir, I respectfully suggest you may want to look after your workforce.

My body is encased in a skin that has problems with allergies and scented products.
Hair sprays, cosmetics, facial soap, perfumes, underarm deodorant, and detergents are itching rashes waiting to attack.
Organic products are best but so very expensive.
Mr. Republican, sir, why is my health a luxury?

I would love to buy some health insurance for me.
Health insurance companies refused to insure me, because I am going to die of fat.
Obama care doesn’t really do much for me if I can’t afford the price of insurance for my weight.
Mr. Republican, sir, why must health insurance premiums be based on poundage?

Mr. Republican, sir,would the number of days people were sick each year go down if we used it as an index of economic success?


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