Writing to do list

This is a list of projects that I’m currently working on.  Sometimes, I do skip around, but usually I try to remain moving down the list.

  • First pass on American cryptids meet zombie apocalypse.
  • Another revision on the gay fantasy story.
  • Pull from the trunk Megacorp novella/novel rewrite To Honor and Respect
  • Rewrite Family at the End of the World  Foster
  • First pass on Cakewalk
  • Pull from the trunk Don’t Drink the Water
  • 1st pass on sociopath in stasis.
  • First pass on Beloved Fire (wait until at least January but no later than March)
  • Rewrite on Stress Relief
  • Second pass on American cryptids meet zombie apocalypse or Monster Mash or some other name that isn’t a copy right infringement.
  • Urban gay paranormal romance thingy — rewrite and novel/la
  • Revision of Bonded Love
  • Next pass on Foster
  • Original idea — Third book in To Return to Mankind
  • Third pass on Don’t Drink the Water
  • Next pass on Cakewalk
  • First pass on To Honor and Respect
  • Next pass on Sociopath in Stasis
  • Third pass on A New Birthdate (was Stress Relief) — Currently at scribophile.com awaiting critiques
  • A knock at the door — failed Nanowrimo2009
  • Evangeline (this year’s nanowrimo?)

For those who want to know.  Anything left from last year is in itallics, and if it has been struck through then that particular pass has been finished.

  • First pass — typos and overuse of words.  Make sure each scene makes sense if part of a larger work.
  • Next pass — grammar, still checking for the over use of words, plot continuity — what needs to be added or rearranged?  Making sure each chapter is coherent, all character names make sense and are the same through out project.
  • Third pass — sent to someone(s) for beta/critique.  More grammar checking, check for repeated and over used words.  Compare advice among critiquers and decide on changes.
  • Fourth pass — more grammar and typos, check for overused words/repeated words/cliches, recheck for continuity.  Send to different set of critiquers.  Listen to their advice.
  • Fifth pass — Last grammar and spelling check.  Try to find someone for one more critique.  At this point it should be ready.
  • Proofreader

Now here is the kicker.  I have a rule that if the word count changes either positive or negative by ten percent of the whole during one of these passes.  I redo that pass again.  So theoretically, it could take ten passes to actually get something ready for public consumption.

My writing is pretty much the only thing I’m a perfectionist about, and even then only sometimes.


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